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Over 18: A Documentary About Pornography

Jared Brock
Are we doing enough to protect our kids from violent and sexually explicit material on the internet?

Through their smartphones, children are being exposed to hardcore pornography far earlier than the legal age of 18. Many reports estimate the average age of first exposure is between 10 and 12 years old.

Through this exposure, some children are developing lifelong addictions to pornography.

Since the creation of the internet almost nothing has been done to protect children online. Porn sites asking the question "Are You 18?" is clearly not enough.

Praise for the film


-Harold Albrecht, Member of Parliament


—Josh Gilman, Executive Director, Strength To Fight


– Arnold Viersen, Member of Parliament

has been screened in more than 250 cities, has been broadcast on TV in 12 countries, and is now available for public screenings and private viewings. By buying or renting the film, you directly support independent filmmaking.

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Over 18: A Documentary About Pornography

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